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Metal Data Model Development Projects


Web and web resource




Client / Employer


Cascade Steel intranet website design and development

The intranet website includes company site and department sites. There are about 10 department sites. (The general layout and look-and-feel were similar to the site www.bli1.com or www.meta4-0.com/bli, in which the left frame was for company's general page, and the top frames were for department pages).



Cascade Steel internet website design and development (www.csrm.com)

See www.csrm.com. Worked as the Web master. The csrm.com online now was my final version. Development included the site layout, contents, logo (worked with an artist), etc. Several pictures followed the design from the parent company. The sales support and customer interaction sections were started but not finished.



Website www.meta4-0.com design and development

The work includes the interface design, content determination, business model, and features not mentioned elsewhere. This site is one of the largest open resource-site in the metal industry.

Metal Data


Website URL Parser to catch all URLs of a website and store URLs into database

It is a valuable tool to collect online URLs from any website, such as Yahoo. When the root URL of a website (www.xxxx.com) is given, the tool will access the website, read its HTML code and retrieve all the URLs in the entire website. All the retrieved URLs and related information will be saved into a database. This tool was initially developed using www.steellinks.com as test site, which was then with nearly 4000 URLs. It took about half an hour, for example, to download all URLs of the website www.steellinks.com into a local database. (However, some tricks were used so the others cannot download meta4-0.com URLs in the same way.)

Metal Data


Development of a suite of web-based programs to predict rolling force and power in various pass sequences

A set of programs were developed to calculate roll separating force for various pass sequences. The calculations were based on the procedures developed in recent years, which are considered more accurate than the traditional ones. The programming was fully object-oriented, so a parent class was created for common force calculation, and a derived class was created for each pass sequence to handle only those different from the common procedure (e.g. contact area, and sometimes shape factor).

Metal Data


Compilation of data list for Metal Dictionary - Tech Terms (5500 entries)

Dictionary entries include over 5500 of metal/steel related technical terminologies that are explained in the website (www.metal4-0.com/techterm). This is the largest online dictionary for metal terms.

Metal Data


Compilation of data list for Metal Dictionary - Translations (4100 entries among five languages)

Dictionary entries include over 4100 technical terms that are translated from one language to another, among five languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish). See www.meta4-0.com/translate. This is the largest online dictionary for metal term translation among languages.

Metal Data


Compilation of data list for the Metal Directory (30,000 records; the largest one in the metal industry)

With about 30,000 records, the Metal Directory (www.metaldir.com, or www.meta4-0.com/metaldir) is the largest directory in the metal industry, for example about three times of www.steellinks.com. There are over 1200 product categories in the directory. User is allowed to submit his/her own listing. Search for a product or a company is available.

Metal Data


Compilation of data list for the software database (about 400)

A collection of the lists of the software used in the metal and steel industry. This is considered to be the largest online collection of the metal industry software. It is also one of the Metal Data categories that Google selects and puts on the right frame of many websites, for Google?s own popularity, without Metal Data paying anything.

Metal Data


Compilation of data list for the metal technical books (1800 books)

A collection of over 1800 metal technical reference books in the metal and steel industry, listed by category in meta4-0.com, also www.metalbooks.com.

Metal Data


Compilation of data list for the article abstract

Article abstracts from the major trade magazines in the metal/steel industry worldwide (several thousands).

Metal Data


Creation of metal technological contents for meta4-0.com

Technical papers were written and populated in the meta4-0.com (about 400 papers, in about 30 categories)

Metal Data


Development of an application to gather metal patent information and populate the patents onto the website (www.meta4-0.com/patent)

Over 15,000 patents, displayed in the mill technical terminology such as flat rolling, wire rod rolling, shape/pipe rolling, roll pass design, mill automation, etc.

Metal Data


Development of an online payment and data validation system for meta4-0.com.

Payment related data was verified forward and backward for several times, to maintain a high level of security.

Metal Data


Development of near 200 satellite websites to support the main site

Near 200 satellite websites are under development, such as www.steelengineer.com, to support the main site www.meta4-0.com. A satellite website usually has near 30 pages and focuses on related topics. After that it will link to the main site. About 100 sites are done while the rest are in the process of development.

Metal Data

    Project Categories (Notes)

     1.  Development on Level 2 Systems & Libraries/Packs
     2.  Support on Level 2 Systems/Models/Logics
     3.  Product properties improvement
     4.  Application development
     5.  Productivity Improvement
     6.  Design & Development
     7.  Process Modeling - Numerical
     8.  Process Modeling - Empirical
     9.  Shape and yield improvement
    10. Web and Web Resource


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