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Metal Data Model Development Projects


Support on Level 2 Systems/Models/Logics




Client / Employer


Level 2 maintenance routine responsibilities

As a sole administrator to assume full responsibility for Level 2 systems. Guarantee the system is up and running for 24 hours per day; system examination and maintenance during the down day (usually once a week).



Cascade Steel Level 1/Level 2 shop computer build and setup (hardware, middleware and operating system)

After the hardware technician prepared the basic PC hardware, it was connected to the shop computer. The work involved adding middleware (like PLC card), to configure resources (e.g. to make sure the PLC card don't have address conflict with others), and then to install Windows operating system, to setup an automatic logon, to install a touch screen driver, to configure the touch screen, and so on. The operators' computer skills were minimal, so, if anything was wrong, they only needed to reboot the HMI computer and everything should come up automatically.



Cascade Steel Level 1 related software installation

After hardware and middleware installation and configuration, and windows installation and network configuration, Level 1 software was installed into the computer. This included the RSView application and RSLinks application, etc. In the later stage, OPC servers (e.g. Ingear) were used to replace RSLinks. Certain configuration may be needed or necessary. Then the Level 1 application was installed into the computer.



Cascade Steel Level 2 system installation and setup

Based on the Level 2 design, the shop computer was required to have values of 28 topics through Windows registration, so that the information such as the Level 2 server for EAF, Level 2 server for LMF, as well as topic values for DDE, General, Grid, Logfile, Ping, Reports, Sockets, Grade-SpecFile, etc. would be provided.



Cascade Steel shop computer maintenance and trouble shooting

Disk clones for every shop computer were made, so, if any computer was dead, only a few minutes were needed to rebuild it. In any pulpit, there were two HMI PCs. Company's pager was carried by system manager. The computer setup was done in this way: for any of the common problems, the computer would send a message to the Outlook server and the Outlook server would call the pager. Based on the phone number from which the pager was called, the type of the problem could roughly be identified.


Project Categories (Notes)

     1.  Development on Level 2 Systems & Libraries/Packs
     2.  Support on Level 2 Systems/Models/Logics
     3.  Product properties improvement
     4.  Application development
     5.  Productivity Improvement
     6.  Design & Development
     7.  Process Modeling - Numerical
     8.  Process Modeling - Empirical
     9.  Shape and yield improvement
    10. Web and Web Resource


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