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- Lrn Method
- Status Need
- Metaverse
- Li Batt Tech
- Equip Softw.
- Intelli System

Three Sets of Level 2 Systems (EAF/LMF/CAS)


The project leader is committed to combining engineering and software technology. After large-scale model development for Morgan and processing a large amount of data, he takes the model results to the front line of the factory to develop Smart Manufacturing system; As a software engineer, I completed three Level 2s of electric furnace, refining furnace and continuous casting for iron and steel smelting. Led the development of the whole automation system and project of the company.

As a senior engineer in Morgan's late seat engineering, as a software engineer, and later as a software consultant, he completed 30 computer courses for eight years, developed 50000 pages of large websites and dozens of apps, and made breakthroughs in a series of computer theories such as object-oriented programming SOA and enterprise windows in the main building, It has reached the level of doctor of Computer Science in the United States.

Of Level 2 Based On Windows

See three Level 2 development examplesDevelopment of Level 2 based on windows in Casekate factory

Project Cases

   Summary, Key Projs, Model Projs, Rolling Mills
   Model System,
Intelli Equip., New Level 2, Li-Batt

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