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Dozens of Lectures Taught Throughout the Year 2021

Technical Field of More Than 100 Sets of PPT
Smart Manufacturing Case Courseware


1.  Main Design of Courseware for The Whole Year

There are dozens of courses throughout the year. The list of courses designed at present is as follows:



Main contents of the course


Overview and requirements of Smart Manufacturing

In addition to the following specialized fields, basic technologies in Smart Manufacturing include multi-level computer control, basic automation, MES, ERP, learning methods, etc


Engineering modeling of Smart Manufacturing (production process optimization)

Engineering problems include the coordination between various process parameters, the calculation of main key parameters, the influence of incoming material parameters and various engineering parameters on product quality, and so on. The lecture is based on the actual cases of more than 100 sets of models in the same industry and emerging industries, as well as the three-day modeling lecture conducted by the main trainer for a university and a company.


Machine learning based on model and field data, data acquisition, digital manufacturing, etc

Firstly, collect the dynamic data of the site based on digital manufacturing, then machine learn the established engineering model, and use a large amount of online data to inverse calibrate the model coefficients in the engineering model, so as to fully bind them with the process, products and equipment on site; With the change of equipment and production conditions, the model coefficient changes, so the model is fully bound with the production line. The lecture is based on the actual cases on site and the solutions of self-study logic problems.


Intelligent system architecture and development, and factory software engineering

Based on the formed model (about 1 / 3) and various scenario use cases of the production line (about 2 / 3). Scenario use cases are mainly the sum of all solutions to the problems solved by each engineer. Scenario use cases also include some unique problem solutions of products. For example, when thick materials are processed into thin materials, due to the low temperature at both ends of the material, the head and tail are thicker than the middle part due to the rapid temperature drop during the same reduction, so the solution of scenario use cases is required. Usually, the corresponding software should be constructed first, and then programmed by the programming team.


Field case analysis of Smart Manufacturing

In addition to the above technical points that call on the field case analysis, the case analysis here summarizes the completed field projects; In addition, the team is studying the content sharing of various intelligent systems.

2.  Lectures Based on Enterprise Field Projects

This includes a series of on-site projects completed by the main Trainer:


On site case lecture



Cascat intelligent system project, Lecture 4
Architecture and development of three Level 2s of electric furnace, refining furnace and continuous casting
-Functional design
-Software development
-Model and calculation
-Interface, database and others

Based on a 300 page book written by the main trainer but not yet published, focusing on the first-hand information of the on-site project


Morgan / Siemens project, 4 lectures
More than 100 sets of engineering model development experience, based on Morgan's more than 100 years of research and development and customer data around the world, including 5 years of experimental rolling
-Deformation calculation
-Force energy calculation
-Microstructure and properties

The courseware is drawn from a 5-day model training courseware (20 courseware + 20 exercises) and a 3-day model training courseware for Taiyuan University of science and technology and TISCO


Oregon company and subsequent development, 4 lectures
-Engineering modeling and machine learning of secondary system
-Scenario and software architecture development of Level 2
-Microstructure model, intelligent self-study and continuous upgrading of the new generation of secondary system
-Application of a new generation of Level 2 - Bivariate self-study under the guidance

The essence of several on-site two level system projects, including the essence of dozens of related international papers.


German Research Association project, 2 lectures
-Engineering modeling
-Results and verification

Including scientific research reports, master's theses and theses from well-known German magazines, etc


BYD project, 4 lectures
Development of lithium battery Smart Manufacturing system and soft measurement, etc
-Engineering model development and machine learning
-Software function and architecture development
-Defect early warning system and its application
-Soft sensing technology and field development

It also discusses the problems and opportunities of Smart Manufacturing


Metal Pass platform development, lecture 2
More than 100 app architecture development

50000 pages of app development on Metal Pass online, including 4 relevant international papers


South Korea POSCO project, Lecture 1
Flexible design of enterprise field project based on online app

Highly difficult design with nine mutual constraints, based on online app


Other projects, 4 lectures
Tesla, Zhengwei, Skyworth, TCL, Guangye, Tiannuo, etc

Focus on problem solving and current situation discussion

From the designed course list, determine the final course according to the students' quality and interest. Enterprise personnel are welcome to bring the existing problems of the enterprise to the classroom, so as to explain the courseware in combination with the on-site problems.

3.  Areas Covered by Courseware

The course focuses on Smart Manufacturing itself, and only slightly involves supplementary courses of automation or digitization. Courses can be flexibly set to one day, two days, three days, five days, two weeks, etc. When there are few classes, some parts can only be passed slightly. It usually takes a long time to finish the 30-year work system.
Basic application and learning methodology:

  • Teacher student interaction and curriculum planning
  • Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing background
  • Problems and promotion methods of Smart Manufacturing
  • Application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing industry
  • Learning foreign languages, computers, scientific research methods and others

Case based Smart Manufacturing technology:

  • Existing technology case of Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Manufacturing problems and system architecture
  • Suggestions on key areas of Smart Manufacturing
  • Suggestions on the development of multilevel computer system
  • Introduction to Smart Manufacturing technology

Examples of Smart Manufacturing factories in various countries

  • Smart Manufacturing case - subsystem
  • Smart Manufacturing case - advanced materials (1)
  • Smart Manufacturing case - advanced materials (2)
  • Smart Manufacturing case - Electronics / SMT
  • Smart Manufacturing case - lithium battery electrode

Practical training based on Smart Manufacturing case

  • Site scheme
  • Four industrial brains
  • Field project
  • Practical training
  • Continue to improve

This course balances basic skills, field cases, academic methods and practical combat.


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