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Level 2 Model Optimization and New Product Development

Benjamin Li, Metal Data LLC
www.meta4-0.com (Industry 4.0 Metaverse)


6. Quality management system for new variety of development(2)

1. Advantage of metallurgic model and intelligent learning
Advantage the New-Generation Level 2 System exist in that, it can reach extremely high parameter prediction accuracy with its large number of models on product quality, including:

(1) Tens of thousands of data models for all products;

(2) Logics in designing these data model, such as the effects of grain size, chemical composition and process on the strength;

(3) Special modeling techniques, which calculates the grain size based on the measured rolling force of each pass, especially the finishing pass;

(4) Residual stress induced by incomplete recrystallization;

(5) Forecasting models for plate profile, center and edge waves, and camber included in its quality forecasting section.

2. History Summary of Level 2 System with metallurgical model
(1) Since 1940s: birth of computer and its application in high cost and high-return industries

(2) Since 1980s: full computer control in some industries, mainly used minicomputers

(3) Since mid 1990s: gradually using Windows servers (I began to design the Windows-based Level 2 System in 1999, and to run it since 2001;I purchased hardware from Intel and designed software based on Microsoft)

(4) Since 2005, integrating metallurgical models (microstructure models, metallography, etc.) into the Level 2 System (I was the first to integrate those models into Level 2 intelligent system; years later, "the father of microalloying” J. Malcolm Gray, etc., urged the industry to add metallurgical model into Level 2 System)

(5) 2005 and later : I applied metallurgical models, intelligent learning and advanced software engineering (uninterrupted upgrade and engineering recognition of Windows for Level 2 System) worldwide, e.g. in EOS in USA and NISCO in China; the system has been known as the New-Generation Level 2 SystemLevel 2 Model Optimization and New Product Development (Metal Data).



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