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Level 2 Model Optimization and New Product Development

Benjamin Li, Metal Data LLC
www.meta4-0.com (Industry 4.0 Metaverse)


4. Characteristics and advantages of the model and software(2)

2, World-class Software
AXXSo, what was the world-class software before the upgrade with the above-mentioned sophisticated process models? This was the Level 2 System developed by a team of NASA erperts organized by the former US Mill expert TIPPINS, and then further upgraded by Oregon Steel (now EOS) for over 4000 improvents in five years. It also also includes a list of Windows features I designed for CSRM Level 2 System, etc.

Tippins Level 2 System enjoys high reputation because of its delicate model for learning, parameter calculation, etc., but the Oregon Steel was to make world’s high-end pipeline steel (X80 steel), so vast improvements were made over a period of 5 years, from 1998 to 2003. X80 steel accounts for almost half of the total output of the Oregon Steel; its X80 steel coils were consumed by a spiral welded pipe factory. The company has a very high requirements for the coil production. Due to the challenge from model prediction errors in hard-and-thin grades, there was products defects almost every day! So from 2005 to 2008, I applied the world's most advanced models to make further upgrade for the Level 2 System. I applied metallurgical models and intelligent learning, etc., and have solved the problems successfully! Six months after the new models were put to use, I went back and was told that it had never had same problem ever since! On the basis, the new-generation of Level 2 System was designed, and a set of technical papers were published from 2009-2012, etc.

This Round of upgrades combined metallurgical model and intelligent learning, with the main purpose to reduce the defect rate in rolling of the high grades (such as hard-and-thin products). This technology can also be applied to continuous rolling of hot strips.



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