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Level 2 Model Optimization and New Product Development

Benjamin Li, Metal Data LLC
www.meta4-0.com (Industry 4.0 Metaverse)


5. A New-Generation Level 2 and the development of new products

(1) Demand of the New-Generation Level 2 System
High alloyed steel (e.g. Stainless steel) or other high alloyed material is usually with good quality, but it is expensive. It is found that by adding a small amount of alloy element, or better by adding a combination of alloy elements, and by deforming the material with higher reduction and lower temperature, and then by quick cooling of the hot formed materials, the mechanical properties such as strength and hardness, etc. would be improved in a great deal, even though only a small portion of the cost in increased. Currently it is very common to add alloy elements such as Ni, V, Ti, Cr, Mo and Cu, etc., together with theromechanical processing in above mentioned ways. There are very few pure steels/materials, but mostly with micro-alloyed steels/materials. Therefore, traditional Level 2 system needs mechanical models to integrate to it. This is why the Level 2 system needs metallurgical models. About 20 years ago, we in Metal Data as the earliest in the world to add metallurgical model into the Level 2 system. We also fixed  intelligent learning problems and add advanced software engineering into the software, so for example, we let the Level 2 system understand engineering (e.g. steel) business. Several dozens of publications can be seen in www.meta4-0.com/pub.

The Level 2 system with metallurgical model, intelligent learning and advanced software engineering, is called by Metal Data team as the New-Generation Level Level 2 system!

(2) Development and application of the New-Generation Level 2 System
In the steel industry the equipment software is mainly reflected in the Level 2 System, in particular Level 2 Model.

The new-generation Level 2 System is particularly suitable for development of new material grades, as a center portion of high-precision performance forecasting package associated with thermomechanical forming.

In a steel mill, the Level 2 System is the nerve system, while the Level 2 Model is its brain. New Level 2 System package installation accounted for only 0.2% of the equipment investment, and Level 2 System upgrade accounted for only 0.01-0.02% of the equipment investment; it can, however, revolutionize equipment performance, increase equipment price by 200-1000%! (World Fortune 500 AMER Group has a case, in which it is 600%).

The team has developed a New-Generation Level 2 System and filled technology gaps in the world, because the other suppliers do not contain metallurgical models in Level 2 System in TMCP scheduling, or is very weak in this aspect.

The new generation Level 2 has particular strength in development of new products, such as to reduce alloys usage: while material properties are improved, alloy usage can be decreased and thus great saving in material costs is achieved.

For example, development of new steel grades is not just the chemical composition design, but to design a complete range of controlled rolling and cooling process specification as well, in order not only the properties but also the shapes can be achieved. With the metallurgical Level 2 System, microstructure changes of different chemical compositions can be fully calculated and thus, the chemical composition is optimized.



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