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Level 2 Model Optimization and New Product Development

Benjamin Li, Metal Data LLC
www.meta4-0.com (Industry 4.0 Metaverse)


6. Quality management system for new variety of development(1)

1. Quality management system and modification
At present, various companies mainly use experience method to design manually in the development of new steel grades and new products. A new product development management software package that completely describes the design process, combined with the existing mature models, can greatly optimize the design process. Similar steel grades and similar production processes are the main reference for new product design. Here, designers can be allowed to input their own correction model to consider the performance difference caused by the difference between steel grades and production processes, or the correction model can be recommended by the management system to collect the research results of researchers around the world on various steel grades and products.
2. Hot strength (flow stress) and cold strength (mechanical property of rolled steel)
In the process of steel forming, the thermal strength (Flow Stress) is directly related to the final cold strength (product mechanical properties) through chemical composition, phase structure and grain size. My Level 2 Model is famous for its high precision, and the rolling force error is only 1 / 2 to 1 / 3 of that of the western advanced Level 2 System, that is, the hard-and-thin products of hot continuous rolling are less than 1%, and the hard-and-thin products of reversible rolling of medium and heavy plates are less than 5%. At the same time, the main problem in performance prediction is the limited accuracy.

Through the ingenious combination of the post rolling product performance prediction model and the Level 2 Model, the quality of performance prediction can be greatly improved by relying on the high precision brought by the intelligent learning and continuous optimization of the Level 2 Model.

At present, the main reason for the low accuracy of product performance prediction is that it is impossible to accurately calculate the grain size after rolling. When the accuracy of the Level 2 Model is sufficient, the rolling force model with high-quality metallurgic model can be used to calculate the grain size and residual stress of each rolling pass, especially before cooling.



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