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Metal Data Consulting - Save Money with Better Tech

Metal Data Resources Available for Consulting 

As an industrial expert, especially in the steel mill process modeling and computer application, Metal Data utilizes its years of model development and industrial consulting experiences in our consulting activities. We also have a rich collection of related technical reports and publications, over tens of thousand pages, from Germany, USA, Canada, China, etc., as supporting materials available for clients. Some reports, about 1000 pages written by Metal Data, are available in the Research section of this site. We also have 108 Mill Related Projects and a list of of Recent Technical Papers as reference.

The mill model and roll pass consultant, Benjamin Li, earned his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. (Germany, 1995) all on steel rolling and has worked on rolling model development for 20 years in three countries (China, Germany and USA), with a book and a list of papers published (six papers in February-March 2008 alone). He has also worked as mill software engineer for 10 years and with 30 computer classes completed during the work.

Metal Data Work List - Mill Related Projects 

     1.  Level 2 Development (17 projects)
     2.  Level 2 Support (5 projects)
     3.  Mechanical properties improvement (4 projects)
     4.  Mill Application Development (14 projects)
     5.  Productivity Improvement (4 projects)
     6.  Rolling and Roll Pass Development (9 projects)
     7.  Rolling Process Modeling - Numerical (9 projects)
     8.  Rolling Process Modeling - Empirical (28 projects)
     9.  Shape and yield improvement (4 projects)
    10. Web and Web Resource (14 projects)

Metal Data Recent Publications

Technical papers created/published in the February - March 2008.

Metal Data Research Reports 

  • Automation (L2/L3/L1)
  • Modeling
  • Rolling & Roll Pass
  • Metallurgy & Materials
  • Metal Working

Metal Data Recent Developments 

The Level 2 Model Issues

  • Level 2 Model Basics
  • Metallurgical Issues in Level 2
  • Modeling Issues in Level 2
  • Software Engineering Issues in Level 2

Level 2 Model as a Metallurgical System

Metal Data has dozens of research reports and some software applications available at no charge for the Metal Data Consulting clients (under approval by Dr. Benjamin Li).


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