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Changes in survival behavior caused by the metaverse

Behavior change

What is "metaverse"? An advanced realistic game? An expanded version of "circle of friends" and "video conference"? Both, but not just. Based on metaverse technology, the following things are possible::

  •  At least half of the meetings will take place in the metaverse.

  •  At least half of the work will be in the metaverse, and many people may just sit at home and work.

  •  At least half of the meeting of friends will take place in the metaverse.

It can be said that in the future, mastering the "meta verse" is also likely to grasp the path to "general artificial intelligence". The reasons are as follows.

  •  With half of human activities taking place in the meta verse, the amount of data born in the metaverse will exceed that in the real world.

  •  AI embedding cost and training cost in virtual environment (especially interactive training including reinforcement learning and meta learning) will be much lower than that of real robot. This will also make it possible for the "metaverse AI" industry to develop much faster than the "robot" industry in the real world.

  •  With the rapid development of "metaverse AI", it will quickly feed the real world "robot" industry through sim2real (virtual to real world AI migration).

Several specific AI development problems are confirmed

  •  NLP's dialogue system will train more from AI and AI's self play (similar to the metaverse) in the future. The emergence of language may become a new breakthrough in the study of dialogue system in the future.

  •  Rl (reinforcement learning) and meta Rl (meta reinforcement learning) have always been very difficult to use in real problems, while in virtual environment, progress is faster. Now more people use the method of training in the virtual environment and then migrating to the real world.

  •  Digital twin - has become an important part of AI strategy.

Inspiration for countries and enterprises

  •  Pay attention to the metaverse strategy. Whoever owns this platform in the future will have almost all data sources. Without this platform, the most important data assets of AI strategy will be lost, resulting in failure.

  •  At the national level, avoid the metaverse development from being monopolized by a single enterprise, especially foreign enterprises

  •  Metaverse + AI strategy integrated development.

In depth introduction to Metaverse:

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