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Industry changes caused by Metaverse

Enterprise change

From the perspective of enterprises, metaverse is still in the primary stage of industry development. There is still a large gap between the underlying technology and application scenarios and the mature form in the future, but it also means that there is a huge space for the expansion of metaverse related industries. Therefore, if digital technology giants with multiple advantages want to hold the market, and start-ups in the field of digital technology want to get the opportunity to overtake in corners, they must layout in advance, or even add yards to the cosmic track. From the perspective of the government, metaverse is not only an important emerging industry, but also a field of social governance that needs attention. Matthew Bauer, a senior research expert on metaverse, put forward: "metaverse is a concept at the same level as mobile Internet." By comparing the mobile Internet with the metaverse, we can better understand the internal logic of government departments' attention to it. The government hopes to participate in the formation and development of the metaverse in order to proactively consider and solve the relevant problems brought by its development.

A common view is that social platforms with social relationship precipitation are more likely to become the entrance of the meta universe, and it is easier to build the meta universe around social interaction. In early 2021, soul app proposed to build a "social meta universe" for the first time in the industry.

Experience while building a new factory

The traditional mode of Design Institute drawing -- > construction company building plant -- > ie, equipment engineer installation -- > commissioning equipment -- > trial production -- > mass production may be completely broken. The preliminary design is not only the engineering drawing of construction, but the complete construction of virtual production environment such as production line, equipment and materials, which is "settled" by the production department for trial production. Workers can immerse themselves in the new plant before the first pile foundation of the plant is driven underground, so that the suggestions of end users can be taken into account at the design stage.

Consumer participation in new product development

The R & D process is no longer limited to the R & D department, and consumers may intervene in the R & D link. At present, R & D engineers are leading the process of R & D and production departments putting into production, and the single process of final production waiting for market and consumer inspection may usher in a complete change. For R & D, the biggest risk does not come from technology, but whether it is accepted and recognized by the market. By allowing consumers to enter the R & D laboratory through the virtual time of metaverse and participate in the R & D process in advance, we can know which products and functions are most popular faster, earlier and better, so as to adjust the R & D direction as soon as possible and reduce the problem of making cars behind closed doors.

Radical change of supply chain coordination

Each enterprise no longer organizes production in the unit of geographical distance distribution, but can virtualize all factories into the metaverse, so as to easily establish the coordination of supply and marketing network among enterprises. For enterprises, how to cooperate among suppliers, customers and their own production organizations in the middle is an eternal topic, and the large scale makes it very difficult to communicate information within enterprises, let alone among enterprises. The emergence of yuancosmos may completely change the supply chain coordination mode among enterprises.

After sales support "no business trip"

The after-sales technical support department has to run around all year round to solve problems for customers in various provinces and cities - you can't analyze and judge the problem without going to the scene. However, metaverse can help you move the customer's environment to your eyes every minute, rather than you rush to the scene with high efficiency and low cost. Maybe at that time, you will miss the past life when you can touch and fish on your business trip.

In depth introduction to Metaverse:

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