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Metaverse and economic development
-Brief description


  1. The metaverse is the embodiment of the virtual world and the material world in a larger scope. The technology is ar, VR, digital twin and other artificial intelligence technologies
  2. The metaverse is the embodiment of digital economy. The metaverse and digital economy are comprehensive and fundamental technological revolution frameworks
  3. The metaverse and digital economy open up a new space and survival dimension for mankind
  4. The new production process forms the creator economy from creativity, production and transaction
  5. New economy, new social form and new organizational model
  6. Promote the rationalization of Finance and break all kinds of monopolies and unfairness平
  7. In the context of new globalization and new digitization, another dimension of "double cycle, data cycle combined with physical cycle"
  8. Using simulation and software to optimize traditional industries is also a major growth point
  9. Core technology research: graphics, computing, communication, quantum, green data center, interactive equipment, autonomous and controllable digital people, etc
  10. The two legs of global competition, the national team and private enterprises, should have a variety of schemes and a sense of mission
  11. Hard technology is not only hardware, but also key software and core data are harder and have long-term core value
  12. The software networking from 2000 to 2010 and the industrial mobility from 2010 to 2020 will help the industry realize the whole process of connection. After 2021, the industrial scene will be metaverse cosmopolitan and realize operation and hosting. From assistance to connection to transportation management, the industry will have at least ten times the opportunity
  13. Online cloud chain to the presence
  14. The controllability of each link lies in preempting the standard and consolidating the scene to prevent a new round of neck sticking
  15. The world stands on the same starting line, seizing the standard, the United Front, and the higher dimension preemptive card position competition in the new world

In depth introduction to Metaverse:

1、Metaverse technology and Application
2、Metaverse with AI & Smart Manufacturing
3、Technology development related to metaverse
4、Industry changes caused by metaverse
5、Changes in survival behavior caused by the metaverse
6、Metaverse and economic development-Brief description


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