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Metaverse with AI & Smart Manufacturing

1. Metaverse and artificial intelligence

The technologies developed by metaverse can be divided into two categories: back-end infrastructure and underlying architecture. The former includes Internet of things technology, interaction technology and video game technology, while the latter includes network and computing technology, artificial intelligence technology and blockchain technology. At first glance, it seems that the concept of metaverse is born for video game technology and artificial intelligence technology. One is its best application end, and the other is the inevitable technical end of the existence of metaverse; However, the latter's network and computing technology, artificial intelligence (including digital twins) technology and blockchain technology cover a much wider range!

One direction of the intervention of artificial intelligence technology is to enhance the high immersion and diversity of the whole "metaverse" through computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing and intelligent voice. Not only that, AI will run through the whole ecological chain of the metaverse, from content production, distribution to application, accelerate content production, enhance content presentation, and improve the efficiency of content distribution and terminal application. However, the development of artificial intelligence technology is facing a serious contradiction, that is, the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies is slow. Compared with the metaverse, which needs artificial intelligence technology as the underlying technical support, it is better to say that artificial intelligence technology may need to continue to enlarge the technology story through the concept of metaverse to attract the attention of capital.

2. Metaverse and industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing

The digitization degree of large industrial plants is generally high, simulation technology can greatly reduce the cost of manpower and time and the waste of resources, and the core of industry 4.0 is the virtual and real integration system, which makes the industry have the inherent advantages and motivation to build a metaverse. The "digital twin" regarded by many large manufacturers as the focus of industrial 4.0 application can simulate the physical world with digital data and bridge the characteristics and benefits of virtual and real, making it the key technology to build the prototype of the metaverse. At present, digital twin technology is parallel in the direction of both wide and deep, which drives the application of relevant technologies to the ground. In addition, in view of the high-speed development trend of current AR / VR and other man-machine interfaces, and considering the economic benefits, implementation practicality and overall environmental trend, the short-term and medium-term metaverse will promote the industrial application of digital twins, focusing on personnel training, remote maintenance, energy monitoring and predictive maintenance. Yuancosmos must be a process from equipment manufacturing to application. In the near future, the overall focus includes new energy, military manufacturing, electronics, high-tech equipment manufacturing and other fields. In the long run, a single manufacturer may be able to establish virtual factories on the common platform of industrial metaverse, connect various factories in series and cooperate with cross enterprises. In this regard, large industrial plants with huge data through highly industrialized 4.0 and multiple lighthouses, such as Bosch, Schneider Electric, Haier and Foxconn, are expected to become market pioneers.

In depth introduction to Metaverse:

1. Metaverse technology and Application
2. Metaverse with AI & Smart Manufacturing
3. Technology development related to metaverse
4. Industry changes caused by metaverse
5. Changes in survival behavior caused by the metaverse
6. Metaverse and economic development-Brief description



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