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Technology development related to metaverse

Core technology

Metaverse mainly has the following core technologies: first, extended reality technology, including VR and ar. Augmented reality technology can provide immersive experience and solve problems that mobile phones can't solve. Second, digital twins can mirror the real world into the virtual world; Our team has unique advantages in the wide field of modeling and the high precision of the model! Third, use blockchain to build an economic system. With the further development of the metaverse, the simulation of the whole real society is strengthened, which also forms a set of economic system in the virtual world.

As a comprehensive integrated application of multiple digital technologies, the metaverse scene needs to achieve two technological breakthroughs from concept to real implementation: the first is the breakthrough of single technologies such as XR, digital twins, blockchain and artificial intelligence, which realizes the basic functions of metaverse applications such as stereo vision, deep immersion and virtual separation from different dimensions; The second breakthrough is a breakthrough in the comprehensive application of a number of digital technologies. Through the superposition, compatibility and interactive integration of multiple technologies, a technical force is formed to promote the stable and orderly development of the metaverse.

Layout mode

From the perspective of the layout of major enterprises in the universe and other fields, we can focus on the hardware and components of the universe. At present, the layout of major enterprises in the universe is mainly based on the advantages of Microsoft's basic technology and meta system, Domestic enterprises such as byte beating are also accelerating the research and development of hardware related to metaverse. The second is to focus on business models and content scenarios, explore the implementation of application scenarios related to the metaverse, mainly domestic digital technology giants. For example, Tencent said it would accelerate the research and development of the metaverse in the fields of games, social networking and so on. The third is the government's promotion of enterprise entry mode. The competition in the field of metaverse at home and abroad has been in full swing, and the global unbalanced development trend of metaverse industry is gradually taking shape. Under this scenario, Chinese enterprises should strengthen the scientific and technological hard power of the development of metaverse industry.

Trigger change

The metaverse will bring great changes in five aspects to our life and social and economic development:

(1) Further improve social production efficiency in terms of technological innovation and cooperation;

(2) Spawn a series of new technologies, new business forms and new models, and promote the reform of traditional industries;

(3) Promote the cross-border derivation of cultural and creative industries and greatly stimulate information consumption;

(4) Reconstruct the way of work and life, a lot of work and life will take place in the virtual world;

(5) Promote smart urban governance model innovation.

In depth introduction to Metaverse:

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