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Industrial Software For Smart Manufacturing/APP

Our team has accumulated a lot of achievements in more than 200 on-site Smart Manufacturing projects in Europe, America, Asia and other regions in the past 30 years. The main achievements related to software, models, equipment and data are summarized as follows. The software can be sold according to the existing products, sold or online, and the price link documents  can be used; It can also be customized according to the customer's situation as a customized project.

1. Large Scale Industrial Software

Most of the intelligent software systems developed by Metal Pass team for enterprises in recent years have not been transformed into online APP.

(1) Defect early warning system
Based on the customized system developed for a large company, see the relevant series of documents. Although all the products in industry 4.0 are customized, it is difficult to form large-scale copy sales, but our team makes mass customization development and sales possible in a special way! After two rounds of simplification, the world leading technology (industry 4.0 level) of our team is slightly ahead of the current situation in China. It is an excellent choice for the current industrial upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

(2) Equipment intelligent system
Our team has optimized design schemes and on-site consulting cases, but the technology in this aspect is now ahead of the digital manufacturing demand that the Chinese market can bear (sufficient and complete data manufacturing is required); However, due to the strong market demand (the export price of China's mechanical and electrical products should have been 1-5 times higher, but it is only at the low end of the value chain because of the poor equipment intelligent system), it can be started now when large companies work together to promote it! This technology is basically equivalent to the world leading technology of our team, which is obtained after a round of simplification. See the consulting project case for details.

2. Industrial APP

(1) Temperature field prediction
Based on the simulation technology of finite difference method, a software for calculating the temperature field at any time in the process of rolling, air cooling and water cooling. It is calculated based on more than ten books (thousands of pages) of field collected data, such as the heat transfer coefficient of wire and bar during water cooling during high-temperature processing; The software has been running online since 2005 to calculate the temperature field of dozens of sections at any time. It only takes much less than 1 second on the Internet in 2005!

(2) Pass design - FreeForm: circle ellipse circle series
Based on the deformation model, it is a powerful design software designed for professionals. Data result interface; Other mold design.

(3) Pass design - AutoForm
It can be designed by non designers. You only need to input the production and operation parameters on the interface. The main design parameters have high-precision software prediction! Verified by TISCO and other enterprises, the precision is very high!

(4) Force and energy demand calculation (detailed introduction in English)
This is nine sets of software used to calculate the force and energy requirements in nine machining processes.

(5) Microstructure model calculation

Industrial Mechanism Model

(1) Process model

(2) Simulation model
Such as finite element method, finite difference method model, internal calculation based on boundary conditions, etc.

(3) Machine learning algorithm

Industrial Equipment

Among the 200 projects completed, more than 100 are related to industrial equipment, including a large number of industrial equipment software.
(1) Processing equipment
(2) Auxiliary equipment
(3) Other equipment

5. Industrial Data APP

(1) Flow stress
It is the essential data of material strength. A large number of rheological stress model data are sold online, and the accuracy of the model is usually less than 1%!

(2) High temperature performance
The high-temperature properties of materials, whether mechanical properties (Young's modulus E, etc.) or thermal properties (heat capacity, etc.), may change exponentially between high and low temperatures of hot processing. Therefore, it is very important to use temperature related values! Data on nearly a thousand materials were collected here.

(3) Room temperature performance
Data on thousands of materials were collected here.

6. Business Information Data Online Software

(1) Yellow pages of company information
Which companies can provide more than 1000 kinds of products, and the introduction of each company involved. Each entry has the function of automatically uploading company information.

(2)  R & D domain database
R & D field of each company; Under each item, there is the function of automatically uploading the corresponding information of the company.

(3)  Product database
Which companies can provide more than 1000 kinds of products, and the introduction of each company involved.

(4)  Product database
A series of other references and tools.

(5)  Software database
A database including more than 3000 sets of engineering software is sorted out.

(6)   Data and document classification upload module
Because the main content of this website (except the Chinese translation part) is generated by the software calling the database content, all contents can be uploaded automatically and displayed automatically according to the unified specifications of the website. The automatic upload function of the website mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Automatically upload technical articles and pictures

  • Automatic upload technology yellow page content

  • Automatically upload the company's technical products

  • Auto upload company R & D

  • Submit various messages online


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